3 rounds a night,7 days a week….Newly wed woman returns ‘kumba kwavo’ offers to pay back lobola

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IT SEEMED her dream of marrying one day was coming true when her lobola was paid.

But 20-year-old Anathi Nomeva claims her fiance turned into a poking monster, allegedly demanding three rounds of se_x every night.

Now the woman from Silver City kasi in Mangaung doesn’t want to get married any more and said she would rather pay back the lobola.

“So far I have managed to save half of the R6 000 lobola money paid for me,” said Anathi.

She said she has had enough of her two-year relationship.

She told Daily Sun that as soon as her fiance had paid lobola for her, he started demanding more se_x.

She said: “He’s always demanding se_x, even when I am not in the mood. Poking is supposed to be fun, but for me it’s pain.

“If he behaves like this while we’re not even married, what waits for me when we are married?

“We live together in our rented home, but I won’t tolerate an abusive man.

“He only uses me as a se_x slave. He loves se_x too much.”

She told Daily Sun that she had reported the matter to both the families and also moved out of their home.

“I am too young to live a miserable life. According to our culture, I’m not supposed to pay back the lobola but I think paying him back is the only solution.

“I intend to obtain a protection order against him as well.”

Fiance Mvuyisi Jembula (42) said Anathi was lying.

“Anathi drinks too much I don’t know where she is now. She left last Monday.

“I paid her lobola to the elders. If she wants to pay it back she should tell the family.

“We had se_x regularly but not every night. I want nothing to do with her.”

Source-Daily News