Godfatha Templeman Denies Kidnapping Underage Girl, Says He Was Protecting Her From Abusive Parents

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Simbarashe Maphosa, better known as Godfatha Templeman, denied kidnapping an underage girl when he appeared before a Harare magistrate saying that he rescued the girl, who is also a neighbour, as she intended to run away from her parents to South Africa.

Simbarashe Maphosa, better known as Godfatha Templeman

Simbarashe Maphosa, better known as Godfatha Templeman

Maphosa said the girl requested to go with him to Beitbridge after he advertised one of his shows. He also told court that he did not know that the girl was a juvenile. Maphosa says he funded the trip to Beitbridge, adding that while there, the girl informed him that she wanted to take advantage and flee to South Africa. He said he then promised to take her issue to Tilda Moyo’s radio show at Star FM so that she could get help instead of running away.

Maphosa said the girl would be missing to this day if he had not stopped her from running away. He said after the show in Beitbridge he brought the minor back to Harare and rented her an apartment in Bluffhill not knowing that her parents had already reported that their child was missing. He was arrested after the girl was seen in Avondale by people who knew her.

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