Macheso Topless Beach Picture With a Mystery Girl Goes Viral

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WHEN it comes to making fans happy, Alick Macheso is perhaps the best despite the situation.

SHE’S JUST A FAN! . . . Macheso on beach picture

. . . Macheso on beach picture

The top musician’s picture with a female fan at a beach in Port Elizabeth, South Africa during his recent tour has gone viral, with people reaching different conclusions.

H-Metro spoke to the sungura kingpin during his successful tour and he had a simple answer, “She is a just a fan like others and she requested for a picture.”

Macheso went further to say from the moment he leaves his house, he can pose for pictures with fans whom he usually refer to as ‘maboss’.

“As long I am in public places, I can pose for photos with fans because ndiwo maboss acho.

“That (beach) was a public place and I had to make that fan happy just like others.

“The moment I leave my house, I cannot avoid pictures with fans. Some even come home just for those photos and go on to share with their loved ones. They come to share their moments with me; which I appreciate as well,” said Macheso.

Social media’s self-proclaimed fashion police placed Macheso on their wanted list for his dressing at the beach.

But Macheso believes he did not commit any ‘fashion crime’ and has no case to answer.

He highlighted comfortability, as one of the important aspects that is usually overlooked by these so called dressing experts.

“Don’t read much into that. Some of the things have to do with circumstances and what you are comfortable to wear for an occasion.

“It could have been a different story as well I did what they expected,” he said.

Macheso staged successful shows in Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg, including his first ever family show across the Limpopo.

The musician’s publicist Tich Makahamadze said he is happy with the turnout and the response to the new album.

“People came in their numbers and the response to Dzinosvitsa Kure is overwhelming.

“It was good to see people singing along to most of the new songs and we really appreciate that as Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

Tich said his artiste got time to have photos with fans at all the shows even off stage.

“We enjoyed time with our fans here, most scrambled for photos and a number of them got the chances.

“On stage and off stage, some of the photos are also trending back home,” said Tich.-Metro

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