PHOTOS: Zimbabwean Midget Gets Married To His Beautifully Endowed Girlfriend

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In life, no matter you physical looks, there’s always someone who will be dying to spend the rest of his or her life with you. Just like this Zimbabwean actor, Themba Nwuli has found the love of his life in a very beautifully endowed lady.

Awesome wedding photos of Zimbabwean actor, Themba Nwuli and his beautiful wife, Hope has set social media on fire since it was uploaded.

In a first glance without any information, one might think the beautiful and heavily endowed lady married a child.

But the truth of the matter is that, the man in the wedding photos who looks like a child is actually 27-year-old popular actor in Zimbabwe. He is called Themba Nwuli.

The beautiful and happy woman beside him is 28 years old woman called Hope and she has been dating the actor for some time now.

Their wedding drew people from far and near and has got people talking all over Africa days after it took place.

See their beautiful photos here: