Couple Flees Own Wedding As Bride’s Brothers Assaulted The Groom Over Beer

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A Harare couple had a “wedding from hell” over the weekend after they were forced to flee from their own wedding when the bride’s brothers assaulted the groom for providing inadequate beer.

The newlyweds were forced to leave their own wedding after yet to be identified brothers to the bride, Vimbai Ganyani, took issue with the amount of beer which was provided at the wedding which took place at Long Cheng Plaza.

H-Metro reports that the violent brothers went on to assault other relatives who tried to restrain them from their untoward behaviour.

“The brothers went on an assault spree and some of their victims included two elder brothers, mother and uncle.

“The misbehaving brothers where finally restrained by the mall’s security team but not before one of the brothers had torn off a mall security guard’s jacket,” the report reads.

An uncle to the groom who spoke to local publication H-Metro seemed distressed about what had happened.

Said the Uncle, “Muchato uyu kubva pakurongwa waiva nemunyama. Ndiwo anonzi mashura aitika pano, mukomana atorova mai vake chaivo (Everything about this wedding was wrong from the start…)”