‘I’m Very Much Ashamed!”-Eric Knight’s Daughter Responds To Rumors That He Fathered A Child With ‘Small House’

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Eric Knight’s Daughter Moira has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment after alleged Chats Between her father and a small house leaked.

The chats were posted on the Group Mvenge Mvenge and they contained nu_de pictures and Voice notes from Eric Knight.

“This has happened too many times and i kept quiet to save your name” Moira wrote in another tweet.

Moira Knight responds to Eric Knight rumors

In a statement posted on facebook , Eric denied that the chats were his and said he didn’t even know the woman.

“Hello Zimbabwe! Satan at it again for the umpteenth time! I’m told some Person on social media who is cooking nice stories that she goes out with me and is expecting The General’s baby.

She has nicely cut out one of my many pictures off facebook and blended it with some chats.

-Iharare News

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