Female fans molest Roki

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URBAN grooves artiste Rockford “Roki” Josphats had a torrid time performing as a group of female revellers kept on groping his privates during the Bulawayo leg of the Alleluya Tour at Club Forty40 on Saturday night.Amara-n-Roki

The Alleluya Tour is meant to promote the hit track that has been receiving considerable airplay.

Roki collaborated with fellow urban groover EX Q who did not pitch up for the Bulawayo leg.

When Roki got onto the stage to perform at about midnight, three female revellers at the front of the stage could not keep their hands to themselves as they continuously kept touching him each time he came close.

At first Roki did not pay attention to the groping but after repeated touching, he asked them to stop.

“Please, stop touching the machinery. I can’t perform like this. Please stop it my sisters,” pleaded Roki.

Undeterred, the female revellers were at it again after just one song and this time Roki resorted to performing far away from the fans.

Performing in front of a handful of fans, Roki went through his entire hit collection with songs from the yesteryear such as Zverudo, Chidzoka, Suzanna and Seiko that he featured with surprise guest artiste Leonard Mapfumo.

Roki performed his brand new track Alleluya and it was well received by the crowd.

Roki said his encounter with the female fans was something that was part of being a musician.

“I didn’t look much into it. It’s just part of my career; I’ve to take it like it is. It’s one of those moments that you remember after you get off stage,” said Roki.

He said he was pleased that Alleluya was received well by fans during his performance.

“The fans were great and I enjoyed when they sang along to the track. This shows that the song has the potential to be a hit nationally and possibly regionally,” said Roki. He said the song was a thanks giving to God who had blessed him with talent.

“The track Alleluya is about praising God for all he has done for me. We produced the track with Ex Q to praise him through song and dance, ” said Roki.

The music video has gone viral and has garnered more than 60,000 views on video sharing site, YouTube.-Chronicle


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