REVIEW: Tariro neGitare – Chipo Changu

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 “Zvakambotaurwa kuti vachakuvenga ini ndikarambao chokwadi
Vachakutuka vachakushora ko ndiniwo ndadini
Chipo Changu handina kusarudza”

In a nutshell this is what this album is about.

You get that feeling akin to a delightful itch that when Tariro neGitare started this whirlwind jaunt she never quite expected where it would take her and how she would evolve not only as an artist but as a human being.


Chipo Changu is packaged as thirteen conversational, interpersonal tracks. It is an almost voyeuristic peek into the new realms of space Tariro has moved to in this journey called life through the sometimes phantasmagorical goggles of the art.

It’s an album about acceptance, identity and love.

Acceptance in that she has come to terms with her place in life, that she has to be this person because she can no longer, even if she dared, be anything else.  (Chitima, Chipo Changu)

This takes us to her identity where bits and pieces are cleverly strewn all over the album intermingled in stories about strife, determination and hope. (Usadaro, Ndinotenda, The Best Is Yet To Come)

Then there is love. There is a lot of that in tracks like Rwiyo, Watora, Take Me Higher. She is aware of what she wants, in a zone, in a space, in her skin.

The worldly influence are apparent in two things. She simply writes better and the music has evolved.

While her love for the soul genre remains an underlying theme, most prominent in songs like Take Me Higher, she dabbles in the township feel (Ndaneta) that makes for an authentic pseudo-urban-African feel to her story. She explores a bigger , tastier (even meatier) and more organic sound.

That is where this album lives.

She owns her story and shares it.

Seeing her grow as an artist bodes well for Tariro’s future.

The album is a 3-mob recommend.

3 tracks to download:

  • Chipo Changu
  • Watora
  • Chitima

Chipo Changu is available on iTunes from this week then on the streets from the end of September.

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