My Battle With The Bulge:Chiyangwa

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Philip Chiyangwa’s daughter, Vanessa, is flogging a whole load of things which help women lose weight. As she advertises her waist trainers, corsets, hip enhancers and so on she speaks of her own struggles. bulge


She said  :”I’m personally tired of my kamhamha dumbu. I know I look good dressed but it’s coz I hide it well. When I sit down just know it’s not sexy down there. It becomes all wrinkled up like that wrinkly dog and the stretch marks OMG.,  don’t get me started. I mean look- thank you God for my kids but WHYYYYYY!!!!! Unfortunately unlike celebrities abroad we have to live with our tiger marks. And men- that belly – as women -tinosema. I speak for most vamwe it’s sexy ndezvekwavo. But don’t be fooled in thinking somehow it’s a declaration of wealth because not all of you have the money to back up that bhawa hump. Kkk Anyways I’m not trying to be mean. I’m trying to say let’s find a solution. Ini hangu I’m lazy. My only gym and workout is in the bedroom”