Enzo Ishall: I Haven’t Been Initiated Into Illuminati

Zimdancehall sensation Enzo Ishall has dismissed reports that he has been captured by controversial preacher Passion Java, and is no longer his own man. This comes after Passion reportedly spent thousands of dollars buying him from recording stable Chillspot.

Enzo Ishall and Passion Java

Speaking to Daily News, Enzo denied speculation that he has been initiated into Illuminati. He said:

Imagine people saying I have been initiated into Illuminati because I have worked with Passion. These are comments by people who hate him and, in the process, direct their anger at me.

Enzo claimed that Passion has also worked with other Zimdancehall artists such as Soul Jah Love, Bazooka, Pumacol among many others.

The young chanter recently released a video, Highest Score, with scenes where he will be fighting supernatural beings.

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