Food shortages in Zaka force families to survive on wild fruits

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Food shortages in Zaka have reached alarming levels with some families now failing to afford even a single meal a day and are surviving on wild fruits.
Villagers in the Gumbo and Rudanda areas in Zaka district are experiencing acute food shortages.

Most families say the little grain they harvested in the 2014/2015 farming season was finished by June.

Wild fruits mostly Mashuku and seasonal fruits such as mangoes have become their means of survival during the day as they save the little grain to ensure at least one hot meal a day.

But that too is fast running out and the villagers are now desperate.

Some of the villagers rely on selling the wild fruits on the highway to raise money to buy grain.

According to some of the villagers, some children have since stopped going to school due to hunger.

While hopes had been pinned on the newly planted crop, the long dry spell is threatening to wipe out any life.

Livestock in the area is also in a poor state due to water shortages.