Order granted against unprotected sex

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by Tendai Gukutikwa

HAVING had enough of her husband’s incessant unprotected sex demands led a Mutare woman to seek the law’s refuge as she applied for a protection order against him.sex_feet

Chipo Mhuriyengwe sought a protection order against Bayanai Muyambo.

Presiding over the matter, Mutare magistrate Mrs Yeukai Chigodora granted the order.

Mhuriyengwe told the court that Muyambo was in the habit of demanding unprotected sex with her.

“Your Worship, he assaults me when I insist on using protection and as I speak I lost teeth after he head-butted me since I had refused to have unprotected sex with him,” she said pitifully.

She went on to tell the court that when she lost her teeth, he had head-butted her and pushed her back on their matrimonial bed and left her for dead.

To add on to the allegations, Mhuriyengwe said her hubby was also in the habit of visiting her at her workplace and causing scenes and begged the court to have him barred from visiting her workplace.

Responding to his wife’s allegations, Muyambo admitted everything and said that her loss of teeth was as a result of an accidental collision they had had at their home.

He said “She bumped into me and lost her teeth. We were not fighting. Of course, like a normal married couple we have our ups and downs, but there was no fight that resulted in her losing her teeth.”

Mhuriyengwe, however, insisted that he had removed her teeth intentionally in a fight after head-butting her.

Mrs Chigodora ordered Muyambo to keep peace with his wife and not force her into doing whatever she did not want to do.

However, she did not bar him from visiting her workplace since he had proved to the court that his visits were work related since he had to deliver goods at her workplace.

Said Mrs Chigodora “When you visit her workplace, do not disturb her peace, if you do so you risk being incarcerated.”Manicapost