Doctor reveals damaged rectum details in Pama Meats Sodomy Case

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A medical doctor testifying in the sodomy case of Pama Meats managing director Andreas Livaditakis yesterday said the 19-year-old gardener had lacerations in his rectum. Livaditakis (44) is facing four counts of aggravated indecent assault. Dr Kelvin Mupunga said the 19-year-old had three lacerations which were at different healing stages. “The different healing stages meant that the trauma was separate. I also concluded that it was three different occasions,” said Dr Mupunga.Private_Law,courts

“The patient tested negative for both HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. His anal sphincter was intact meaning the damage was moderate and he can still control his waste.” Prosecutor Mr Ephraim Zinyandu closed the State case after tendering WhatsApp messages between Livaditakis and his gardener.

Giving his defence, Livaditakis -who is represented by his lawyer Mr Ephraim Ndlovu – said he never married and has no children. “I have a girlfriend and we have been together for two years,” he said

“The complainant is my former employee who has been coaxed to fabricate allegations against me by former employees. “The charge, counts and allegations are pursuant of a scheme to extortion, intimidate and smear him.”

Mr Zinyandu alleged that sometime in January last year around 9am the complainant was alone in the tuck-room washing watering cans.

Livaditakis allegedly entered the room holding a cup of fruit juice which he offered the gardener.

After drinking the juice the complainant felt dizzy and weak.

Livaditakis allegedly started fondling and kissing the complainant.

He allegedly bent him over and sodomised him.

Livaditakis gave the complainant $100.

In March around 1pm Livaditakis called the complainant into his bedroom and started fondling him, it is alleged.

He sodomised him and gave him $70 before ordering him to go back to his work.

In August he sodomised him again and gave him $30.

On another day in August, Livaditakis called the complainant into his bedroom and started kissing him before sodomising him.

The complaint told Livaditakis that he was going to report him to the police.

He promised to give him $5 000.