Crocodile bites off woman’s leg in Zimbabwe

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A Harare woman had a close shave with death but was lucky to escape when she was attacked by a crocodile as she tried to cross Mukuvisi River.

The story of Nyarai Muchayabandi’s death-defying struggle with the huge crocodile aalmost sounds like a fairytale.
On the 8th of December 2015, Nyarai with her 14-month old baby strapped on her back and in the company of two friends attempted to cross Mukuvisi River like they had done so many times.
Little did they know a crocodile was lurking beneath the murky waters.
It is often said love conquers fear.
True to that, Nyarai’s first thought was to save her child.
Incredibly, she managed to pass on her child to one of her friends at a time the reptile was trying to drag her underwater.
Stories are told of men who have fled once confronted by danger but Nyarai’s two female friends who are also her neighbours bravely fought the giant beast.
One of them held onto Nyarai’s hand while the other took a log and started hitting the crocodile until it let go of Nyarai’s leg.
It is said the men who had gathered at the scene were busy shouting for help and none of them dared to jump in the water to assist.


Now with an amputated leg, the crocodile attack maybe over but Nyarai and her husband who have four children are battling to raise money required for blood transfusion and other medication.
All they do is hope. For Nyarai’s testimony is not only a miracle but proof that love conquers death.