Soldier: Mozambican Beer Kills Zimbabwean man

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A local man died after he consumed six bottles of illicit Mozambican beer known as Soldier.

Police confirmed that Innocent Ndebele, 43, died after consuming six bottles of illicit Mozambican brew.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Tavhingwa Kakohwa said on January 15, in the evening, Ndebele of Green Market, Sakubva and his friend Marlon Sithole, 36, bought six bottles of the Mozambican beer known as Solider and consumed it.

Ndebele is reported to have not eaten anything prior to the partaking of the alcohol.

Sithole told the police that before Ndebele retired to bed he complained of being thirsty. The following day, Ndebele woke up and complained of being extremely thirsty. He then drank a lot of water and returned to bed.

It was not long before he started groaning and complaining of severe stomach pains. Ndebele died before he was admitted at the hospital.

“We always warn people not to consume these cheap and smuggled beers because they are harmful to their health,” said Kakohwa. “The reason why they are illegal is because they are harmful,” he added.

Due to economic hardships, most people in the eastern border town of Mutare are now drinking illicit smuggled beers from Mozambique. Most of these beers have more than 40 percent alcohol content.-All Africa