21 year old woman ‘bewitched’ after sleeping with married man,starts growing cauliflower on her privates

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A woman from Makokoba is cursing the day she decided to have sexual relations with a married man as it backfired and she developed a growth which can be easily mistaken for a cauliflower on her private parts.Silibaziso Dube(21) believes she was bewitched by the man’s wife .The growth developed six months ago after she had s.ex with a married man from lower Gweru.Dube has tried to get help from traditional healers ,but she has hit a snag as none of them have managed to help her.

“I had sex with a married man who was my boyfriend.After that my privates became itchy and it was as if I was burning.

“Some pimples started to develop and when I went to Mpilo Hospital i was turned away as I did not have money .I the turned to traditional doctors ,but they failed,” she said.

The growth “cauliflower” has grown very big making it difficult and painful for Dube to relieve herself.

The young woman is in between a rock and a hard place as she is also pregnant and does not know how old the pregnancy is.

“I don’t have money to get an identification card in order to register at hospital so that I can know how old the pregnancy is .I do not know how I got pregnant as I had an implant ,” she said.

Asked about the whereabouts of the boyfriend,Dube said he died before she knew about the pregnancy.

It never rains but pours for Dube as her grandfather wants her out of the house.

Narrating her ordeal ,her grandmother,Gladys Dube who is appealing for help to save the young woman said:”As much as she is pregnant and ill,my grandchild is facing eviction from home.My husband beats me everyday as he wants the young lady out of the house.I do’t know where she will go.Her parents died long back.We are appealing for any assistance so that she could get an ID card and medication at least,” she said.

A medical professional who cannot be named for professional reasons said the condition could be a sexually transmitted infection.

However a traditional healer Kezia Dube said the condition was known in Ndebele as Gonka and it could be treated by elderly women through traditional means.

Source-B metro