Chinese men bargain too much and don’t want to use protection

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COMMERCIAL sex workers operating in Epworth’s Secondary Overspill shops have revealed to the WeekendPost that of late they have enlarged their client base, thanks to Chinese men working at a construction site in the area.

The sex workers, however, said the men hate using condoms, hence wherever they work and stay they leave offspring.
“Chinese are good people compared to other races as they are not racists. They come here in groups looking for good ladies for s.ex though they haggle too much,” said a commercial worker only identified as Emma.

Emma said contrary to public rumour and belief that wherever the nationals go, dogs — which are their delicacy — disappear, it seems the Chinese here are only interested in good-looking ladies.

“We have never seen them buying dogs or other funny things but what we are sure of is that they are more interested in nice ladies.

“It is also of utmost importance for the society to preach the gospel of HIV and Aids to the Chinese operating in the country as they are not interested in using condoms when engaging in s.exual activities,” she said.

To validate Emma’s allegations on condom use, when the Chinese were constructing a bridge on the road that links Mhandamabwe and the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway a couple of years ago, they left a trail of children they fathered with the local ladies.

In some parts of Harare that they frequent during their spare time, their interactions with local women have resulted in children.

The development shows that unlike other races on the globe, the Chinese men are not racists and easily indulge in s.exual relationships with black women.

The Chinese made headlines when they operated in Chiadzwa for breaching local laws when they forced their employees to prepare dog and snake meat for them as special food.

In an earlier interview, Tawengwa Sitima — who worked for them in Chiadzwa — told the WeekendPost that the Chinese used to steal dogs from nearby villages and slaughter them for meat while at the same time they were accused of excavating abandoned village graveyards — something treated as taboo in Zimbabwean culture.

He said he was forced to skin snakes for their Chinese superiors, again something that is taboo in our culture.

Source-Weekend Post