Chiefs appeal for food aid as villagers are becoming more desperate in Zimbabwe

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Chiefs in Masvingo province have appealed to the government to avail food aid to their communities as a matter of urgency.
The drought has hit the province very hard and villagers are becoming more desperate as each day passes.

Chiefs from across the province have called on the government to come to the rescue of the people by availing drought relief.

According to Chief Chiwara, people in his area are now surviving on roots of an indigenous tree called Mubhubhunu, which they dry and pound into a powder used to make porridge.

Chiefs Serima and Sengwe say their subjects are in a dire situation and are appealing for a quick intervention from the government through grain loan schemes as the people cannot afford to buy.

Only a quarter of the cropping area in the province was put under crop and indications on the ground are that most of the crops are a write off.

Livestock in the province is also dying due to lack of pastures.

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