Zimbabwe Siamese Twins Now Walking

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The first Siamese twins to be successfully separated by a team of Zimbabwean doctors in 2014 are growing up well in Harare’s Highfield suburb.


The twins’ wounds are yet to fully heal leaving them vulnerable to diseases.
The first of July 2014 will always be a day to remember as Zimbabwean surgeons successfully separated Siamese twin babies, a first for the country’s health service sector.
The then two-month-old twins were joined from the chest to the upper abdomen and shared a liver.
The twins, Tapiwanashe and Kudakwashe, were separated in an eight-hour operation at Harare Hospital by surgeon Bothwell Mbuwayesango and 50 other medical personnel.
ZBC visited the twins who are now one year nine months old in Western Triangle, Highfield in the capital to see how they are copying after the historic operation.
Although the twins are now walking and playing with others, they are still nursing their wounds 19 months after operation.
The operation might have been successful but real joy will come from the two children’s good health.
At the moment, the twins described back in 2014 as Zimbabwe’s ‘medical miracle’ live in conditions that very few will be proud of.
If only, they can be given better conditions, then maybe their healing might be faster.
By the way, who can tell how much good surroundings can do in inspiring children to excel?