Horror at Construction House as guard jumps to death from 7th floor

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An unidentified security guard with a local security company yesterday afternoon allegedly committed suicide by throwing himself from seventh floor to crash on the second floor balcony at Construction House.

Witnesses say the deceased,who is among the security personnel at the building, jumped through the window and died on the spot.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene,people were gathered around the building intending to have access into the building and get a glimpse of the lifeless body.

All entrances into the building were,however,blocked with a section which had the body manned by security with batons.

One of the security guards who commented on condition of anonymity,said:

“The last time I talked to him he was complaining achiti mari haisi kukwana I don’t know if that contributed anyhow to the suicide.

“We just heard the noise and the next thing ladies were screaming. We then rushed there and saw him already dead.”

Source-H Metro