Pool of death turned to swimming training centre

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The once dreaded Epworth Dam commonly known as ‘Pool of death’ due to the number of lives it has claimed is now a swimming training centre for a number of residents in the area.
Despite the fact that the ‘Pool of death’ in Epworth continues to claim lives, the mysterious dam has also become the talk of the residential area with some people now making it a pastime place as all ages get to swim in the pool.

It is alleged that the pool does not run dry and was formed as a result of quarry mining that took place there many years ago.

No one knows its depth although it is believed to be more than 100 metres deep.

Murder victims have also been dumped into the disused quarry, usually at night.

Epworth killer dam

Epworth killer dam

Women and children are seen diving in the pool at different times.

The pool has come to the aid of the community as the chief supplier of domestic water for scores of families in and around Epworth.

Some youths have now taken it upon themselves to be the guardian angels of the pool and said they are available to save lives.

The pool has become a serious cause of concern as there are houses a few metres from its edges and there is no security fence around it.

In 2005, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) pledged to look into ways of how they could use the pool water.

However, nothing has materialised as the number of deaths at the disused quarry pool keeps increasing year-in year-out.