Lumumba Goes for HIV Test After Reckless Unprotected Sex

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Acie Lumumba has come clean on the dangers of unprotected sex, as he announced that tomorrow he will take an HIV test.
Wrote the Viva Zimbabwe leader, “one of my greatest health fears all my life has been taking an HIV test and I suspect I’m not the only one, I am the guy who has a million excuses to not doing it including lying to avoid the test.”

Lumumba reveals on his Facebook page that he visited a counseling clinic. The guy whose video went viral of him having unprotected sex with a yet to be identified girl writes, “ I have ever heard about outstandingingly reckless sex I realise anyone can have it, (including me), and pass it on, especially in this generation of ours that treat sex like recreational sport (no practise).straight to the match and any will play with anyone willing to play too).

Writes Lumumba, “So tomorrow I will gather up the courage to take the test. We joke about unprotected sex but the truth is the joke is on you when you fall sick. I want to thank PSI for the precious work they are doing in sexual reproductive health.”-Online