Two Zimbabweans break Africa’s blood donor record

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Two Zimbabwean blood donors have donated blood more than 250 times, which has never happened in any African country, the National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) has revealed. This came out at the World Blood Donor Day awards ceremony held in Harare recently. The two Zimbabwean blood donors are Mr Ernest Hatchett and Ms Buss Julian Ronald.

blood donor:250 Units Buss Julian Ronald

blood donor:250 Units Buss Julian Ronald

In an interview, NBSZ spokesperson Miss Esther Massundah said the development showcased Zimbabwe’s good blood donor retention.

“For us as Zimbabwe, it shows our very good blood donor retention rates,” she said.

She said the blood donors saved many lives. “Donating blood for more than 250 times in a row really shows that they have a higher level of dedication to saving lives,” said Ms Massundah. “They have donated blood willingly as they are doing it to save lives and we really appreciate their efforts,” she said.

Other blood donors were also awarded for having donated blood for countless times at the occasion.

Mr Joseph Allan Odea got an award for donating blood 175 times, while one Mr Ngeziman was rewarded for donating blood 152 times.-WHO

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