Twerking nurses criticised – VIDEO

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A video circulating on social media of twerking nurses has left tongues wagging. The nurses are seen twerking and making sexual dances that could leave Nicki Minaj green with envy.

Twerking nurses criticised
Twerking nurses criticised

However, the video appears to have irked some social media users who are questioning the conduct of the nurses on duty.

In the video, three nurses start dancing inside what looks like an observation room at a health facility.

“Ma nurse hakuna akadai. Manurse amurikoona iwayo epa Manyame,” says a voice in the background while the nurses get down.

Commenting on the video that has left social media in frenzy, Health and Child Care Secretary, Dr Gerald Gwinji said they did not condone such behaviour while on duty.

“We certainly do not allow for such levels and types of merrymaking or showcasing of dance preferences and abilities, whatever they are meant to achieve.

“While we encourage all our staff to be happy at work since they practically spend most of their life there, such behaviour is unacceptable,” said Dr Gwinji.

Dr Gwinji, however, noted that the nurses do not appear to belong to any public health institution in Zimbabwe as they do not have epulates on their shoulders adding that they will send the video to relevant offices in Manyame (since the voice over on the video identifies the nurses as Manyame-based) for further investigation.

“This does not appear to be of Zimbabwean public health institution origin. All our nurses put on what we call epulates on their shoulders which identify who they are or at what level they are if they are student nurses.

“However since a particular health facility is being mentioned, we will send the video to the authorities there for their analysis.” H Metro