‘I am as fit as a fiddle’, says Grace Mugabe


HARARE-Zanu-pf secretary for the Women’s League, the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, yesterday said she was as fit as a fiddle and dismissed speculation of ill-health, saying she occasionally sought medical treatment like any other person.

Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe

Amai Mugabe said she had the same energy as last year when she addressed rallies countrywide in her “Meet the People” tours.

She said this in a welcome address to women at start of the zanu-pf Women’s League national executive council meeting at the party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday.

The First Lady’s comments about her health put to shame reports in the private media in recent days which claimed, without an iota of evidence, that her absence from public life indicated she was not well.

“Ndinofara tichisangana takasimba. Ini ndakasimba (I am happy we are meeting while we are all in good health. I am very healthy),” she said.

“Energy yandanga ndinayo last year ndiyo yandichiri nayo (I have the same energy I had last year). Muviri hongu, miviri inodzimba ichirwadza asi miviri inogadziriswa, that’s why pane pamwe patinoenda kunogadziriswa miviri tichidzoka miviri yabatana zvakare (Of course everyone gets ill, but we visit doctors who treat us).

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“Saka tinongotenda Mwari nekuti dzimwe nguva munhu ungatorwara nechirwere usingazivi kuti chii chiri kukurwadza chikatorega kutoongoonekwa ukatozongokanganisika, but kana chaonekwa chikagadziriswa wove munhu mutano zvakare woenderera mberi nekushandira nyika.”

Turning to the state of the party, Amai Mugabe said the revolutionary party’s Politburo should not be burdened with trivial disciplinary issues from provincial structures some of which were motivated by jealousy, gossip and malice.

She said it was time for people to unite and not pull each other down for self-serving purposes.

“Tisu takamira nemusangano semadzimai. Saka hatidi kuti titukane tichitaura nyaya dzisina kumboitika. Handifungi kuti chinhu chakanaka ichocho. Tinofanira kuva neunity of purpose yandakafamba ndichipreacher kuti there must be unity of purpose,” she said.

“Tibatane tisaramba tava kungoreverana makuhwa. Zvakasara uko zvakasara. Akabuda akabuda, asina ndizvozvo, saka ngatichiendera mberi zvino. Kana tava kungoramba tava kungoti hee uyo ngaabude…Politburo kana yogara ichingotaura zvekudisciplina vanhu chete ko rimwe basa rinoitwa nguvai?

“Politburo iripo kuita basa renyika kufambisa nyika mberi. Saka ngatiregei kuburdena Politburo nezvimwe zvinhu zvisina musoro zvatava kungoramba tichimutsa.”

Amai Mugabe urged members of the Women’s League to put their differences aside and work for the good of the party.

“We have a mammoth task ahead of us,” she said. “I therefore urge you all to put aside whatever differences you might have amongst yourselves and work wholeheartedly for the party and, indeed for the women who have entrusted us with the role and responsibility to lead them and change their livelihoods,” she said.

“We do not want any Judas Iscariots amongst us. I repeat, we do not want any betrayers.”

Amai Mugabe said the future of the party depended on a well managed Women’s League.

“I therefore appeal to you not to focus on trivial issues and to desist from factionalism, gossiping, dishonesty, lying and back-biting as these are counterproductive and only serve to divert our attention from real developmental issues that matter,” she said.

“Under my leadership, vasikana, this I will not tolerate.”

She urged all Women’s League national executive members to be conversant with their portfolios and what they entailed-Herald