Rituals : Zim nurse conned of $2k in cash

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HARARE – A rituals bid by a Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital nurse to multiply cash using black magic landed her in trouble, a Harare court heard yesterday.

Nurse Lisa Rutendo Goba, 22, of 25 Chiridza Rimuka in Kadoma, was swindled of more than $2 000 by self-confessed witch-doctors in cash rituals.

Lisa Rutendo Goba conned  in cash-multiplying rituals

Lisa Rutendo Goba conned in cash-multiplying rituals

Calvin Banda, 27 and Kassim Maurid, 23 rituals performers , who claimed to be witch-doctors from Malawi and Zambia respectively, appeared before Harare magistrate Francis Mapfumo charged with fraud.

Prosecutor Tracey Muzondo alleged that sometime in July, Goba responded to a newspaper advert by a witch-doctor who claimed to solve financial problems. Goba spoke to Banda and arranged a meeting with him in Harare. The two met at TN Grill along Samora Machel Avenue.

Banda reportedly asked Goba to enclose a $1 note in her hand. When she unfurled the hand, the $1 had transmogrified into a $20 note.

The court heard that Banda convinced Goba that he had powers to multiply money. He reportedly told her to bring $170, an empty bucket and two plain sheets of bond paper, the court heard. “I had booked a room at a lodge in Chinhoyi and gave him the money and bucket,” Goba said.

“Banda put the $170 and bond papers and placed them inside the bucket before instructing me to consult my ancestors for 10 minutes. “After the incantations, I was asked to leave the room and when I returned he instructed me to open the bucket and there it was full of ‘genuine’ cash amounting to $185 000.”

The court heard that Goba was ordered to bring $6 000 to cleanse the money. She left $80 for safe keeping of the bucket.

“I managed to raise $1 100 and Banda added another $1 200. The money was put in an envelope and flushed down the sewer in my presence,” Goba said.

Goba and Banda had booked into Connaught Lodge along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare after buying a small suitcase in the city for another cash-multiplying ritual. “…this time, the bond paper was placed into the small suitcase and multiplied into $240 000,” she said.

“I was later asked to bring another $300 before Banda proceeded to Goromonzi graveyard for more ceremonies. “He later advised me that I was supposed to look for ‘rainbow water’ because washing my hands with ordinary water would not please the ancestors.”

According to State papers, that is when Banda roped in Kassim, saying he was a witch-doctor who specialised in supplying the so-called “rainbow water.”

“I called Kassim and was told to pay $600 for the water but only managed to raise $400,” she said.

“He told me that he was going to take over from Banda since he had been arrested by ritual ancestral spirits for attempting to count my money.”

The court heard that Goba realised that she had been conned and reported the two to the police. Banda and Kassim were later trapped by detectives and arrested.