High Court Orders ZRP to Pay Debt

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A Local construction company is locked up in a legal battle with the Zimbabwe Republic Police in its quest to recover over $300 000 owed to it for the construction and refurbishment of police posts in the country.

Dalcon Projects (Private) Limited has approached the High Court claiming the sum of $313 319.29 for the work done between 2011 and 2015. The amount, according to the summons, has been outstanding since June 1, 2015.

Dalcon Projects claim that they were not paid for work done at ZRP Exhibition Hall at the Harare Show Grounds, refurbishment of the ZRP Clothing Factory as well as major refurbishment work at Mazowe police station.

They also claim that they are owed for work done ZRP Printers Harare, refurbishment work done at ZRP offices at 192 Baines Avenue and various works done at the ZRP Interpol Centre in Harare.p The ZRP jointly sued together with the Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and the then Minister of Home affairs have denied the claim by Dalcon Projects insisting that the company was paid its dues.

“Defendants contend that the plaintiff was paid its dues and there is debt outstanding. Further, the defendants have already engaged the services of a consultant to assess and evaluate work done by plaintiff. The defendant aver that the plaintiff unjustifiably inflated figures so as to claim an outstanding balance, which balance is non-existent,” reads part of ZRP’s response prepared by the Civil Division of the Attorney General’s Office.

The ZRP recently failed in its bid to have the matter dismissed with costs. A High Judge Justice Dube ordered the ZRP to pay Dalcon Projects $58 157 as part of the claim and allowed the ZRP time to change its plea.

Justice Dube also ordered ZRP to pay interest at the rate of 5% per annum from 1 October 2016 up to the date the debt is paid in full.

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