Kasukuwere Attacks ‘Drunk lunatic’ War Vets

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HARARE-ZANU PF infighting appears to be escalating with national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere attacking war veterans who had rebuked him over the manner in which he was choosing the party’s by-election candidates.images (1)

Earlier this week, the ex-fighters lashed out at Kasukuwere accusing him of causing confusion in the party and working with Zanu PF’s foreign enemies.

Led by their secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, the war vets lambasted Kaskuwere saying he was being over ambitious and plotting to unseat the 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

But Kasukuwere hit back on Wednesday during a campaign rally in Mashonaland East. The water affairs minister described the ex-fighters as lunatics on too much whiskey.

“You saw some war veterans on TV alleging that I am plotting against the president, don’t listen to them, they are drunk. They are confused,” said Kasukuwere.

“How do I even think about that?  It’s foolishness which, as a party, we should not tolerate. They want to cause division within the party, but today we say no.

“I respect war veterans but I have problems with those who jump their mandate and start unnecessary wars. We want unity in the party not the confusion which some want to sow.”

The rally was the last campaign stop for Zanu PF ahead of the May 15 by elections in which David Musabayana will compete against little rivals in Hwedza North.

The constituency fell vacate following the death of Simon Musanhu in January who was Kasukuwere’s deputy in government.

The fights in Zanu PF have broken out following the misunderstanding on who should be the party’s candidate for Harare East in the June 10 by- elections between Terence Mukupe and Mavis Gumbo.

Administration secretary Ignatius Chombo, war veterans and the Harare provincial leadership are backing Gumbo but Kasukuwere is supporting Mukupe.

The party’s politburo was expected discuss and hopefully resolve address the dispute on Thursday but the meeting has now been postponed.


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