Khupe To Be Sworn In As The Official Opposition Leader In Parly On Tuesday

Interim leader of the court resurrected MDC T 2014 structures Thokozani Khupe will be sworn in as the official opposition leader in parly on Tuesday. The Zimbabwean reports.

This was reportedly confirmed by an official from the Office of the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda who said:

Ms Khupe will be operating in government offices, harvest house is a party office and the government will not offer security there or have business there. But a separate office will be created for the main opposition leader to do her work.

Sibanda went on to say that she will be in parly soon hence the decision by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to swear her in:

The government is aware that the MDC T hasn’t done it’s Congress yet but the post of an official opposition leader is given to someone who is in parliament, as you know, Ms Khupe will be in parliament. And currently, she is the opposition leader and we recognise that. If there are any changes in the MDC T that won’t affect the setup, what is needed is for someone to be in parliament. If you are outside parliament you don’t qualify to get that position.

Khupe after being sworn in will then be entitled to state security at her residence and at her offices.


This is a developing story we will update it as new details emerge.

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