Prophet Walter Magaya has revealed that he was thrown out of a hospital by security after visiting a relative. He claimed most of the women there went into labour upon seeing him.

He said : “At some point I went into one hospital visiting a relative and there was chaos as most of the women went into labour at once and I was kicked out by security. The last time I visited another hospital there was chaos as all the patients wanted to be laid hands upon and we had to rush out.”

Magaya had been asked about visiting hospitals and homes for the mentally challenged. “I cannot just go there. If there is no agreement then there is no power that can be released. I can walk into the hospital and leave them all the same. I have written to hospitals but they have never invited me. As a minister you might want to visit such institutes but it takes an invitation from the authorities to go there”

But Magaya said most people running homes for the mentally ill were doing it for the money. “Those homes you mentioned are not catering for the mentally disturbed because they love them but they are in it for the money. They get funding after they have provided that service. There are very few who are doing it out of love.

If it was not for that they would have brought all the mentally challenged for prayer. Many mentally disturbed people were healed last year by simply wearing the reminder bracelets but no one has ever come forward requesting them for their mental institute.

Another man approached me with a team of HIV positive people seeking sponsorship and i asked him to bring them so that i pray for them but he refused opting for money. They wanted the money more than the healing. Having a home for the mentally disturbed is a good thing they need care.