We are not selling Figurines of Prophet Uebert Angel:Church

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By Lazarus Amos

Spirit Embassy (The GoodNews Church) has refuted the media claims that they are selling Figurines of Prophet Uebert Angel.

The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish the reader or the recipient of the falsehood more than the one who such lies were set to expose, particularly lies told by news publications, these erode the publications strength, and the very foundation of their being a newspaper or media house is shaken by lies.

Abraham Lincoln once remarked, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all of the time”

It is very unfortunate that falsehoods and misinformation spread fast than a bush fire on a dry and windy savannah, what’s more tragic is that some people are fooled into believing false media stories that appear on rogue websites. It is tragically sad that most of these false stories are designed to attack men and women of God, they attack the very people who give hope to the hopeless.

There is a story that has been doing rounds in the Zimbabwean media and on social platforms about the sale of figurines (statuettes) of Prophet Uebert Angel, with claims that these statuettes are anointed and must be worshipped. This ridiculously misleading story is the work of people driven by jealousy and hate, these same people have been creating false stories for years now.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio, the spokesperson of the church, Mr Rikki Doolan said “these are false reports from the same circles that have been creating and fabricating stories we are now accustomed to these tales from the same media publications, we have issued a statement and we want to make it clear for the public, WE DO NOT SELL ANY SUCH MERCHADISE, do not be fooled.”uebert-angel-doll

We have attached the full statement below as found on the church website.


Spirit Embassy (The GoodNews Church) Refutes Claims of False Media Reports.

In an effort to address the onslaught of accusations, questions, and confusion caused by the concerted action of some rogue and misleading publications, we present this statement along with the complete context and our refutation of these false accusations.

It is regretful and shameful but also revealing that some sections of the media particularly the Zimbabwean owned online publications are peddling a false story alleging that Spirit Embassy (The GoodNews Church) is selling a figurine (Doll) of Uebert Angel.

Whilst it remains the rule of our leader Uebert Angel to never respond to the media attacks on his person, his able leadership grants us as a church organisation the freedom to do so.

In that light, Spirit Embassy (The GoodNews Church) refutes any allegations with the contempt they deserve and we further express our concern at the continued media attacks on the person Of Uebert Angel as our leader and the unjustified defamation of our church.

We understand however that this is the acrimony our leader, Uebert Angel, budgeted for way before the commencement of this ministry. We also understand that a lie runs faster than the truth but the truth always endures the marathon!

To clear the air so the public does not get deceived we put it out there, that The Good News Church, does not sell mediums or anything of that sort to its members. The public should be made aware that there are Liars out there, rogue newspapers and online publications that create and fabricate news for the purposes of discrediting the character of honourable people and their ministries.

Of all the properties which belong to honourable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character and some have gone to great length as to extort money from them and others have even bribed people to falsely accuse men of God so they get financial rewards.

It should be noted that one of the most duplicitous tactics to destroy a person, which is common in the media particularly in this digital age, is to tell a lie too many times with the hope that it will stick.

They follow a path more typical of tabloid journalism, seeking a broad-based dissemination of their defamatory claims without regard for the truth. Even more disheartening, is the fact that these publications which chose to paddle these false stories chose an approach reticent of the “hate and slur campaigns” in the political arena in Zimbabwe, which seek to destroy any leader regardless of whether they are good or bad

What these publications fail to see is that unlike in politics the spiritual arena is different and many people are connected to God through a church or a ministry.

We are sorry to report that we have endured this kind of criticism and even worse for over nine years but as Uebert Angel himself says


“If you argue with spectators’ every time you run a race you will definitely win the argument but definitely lose the race… ”


We also do not seek to argue but to make the public aware so that they don’t get deceived by some circles of the Media.


Mr Rikki Doolan

Ministry spokesperson & Personal Assistant to Uebert Angel .