Putting God First, Queen Elizabeth Leads Royal Family To Church

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By Bridget Marlins

The Queen has marked Christmas Day by attending a traditional church service at Sandringham.

Queen Elizabeth the Second of England kick started her Christmas celebrations by attending a church service. The Queen was joined by the royal family joining for the church service.queen-at-christmas-service-e1451046896668-640x448

A lot can be learnt from the Queen’s example, it’s all about Jesus Christ and He should never be removed from this festive celebration that the world has chosen to commemorate the birth of our saviour.

Well-wishers started gathering before dawn in the bitter cold to catch a glimpse of the royals – and by mid-morning thousands were present.

Queen Elizabeth was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh for the service at St Mary Magdalene’s church.

There were around 30 members of the royal family who celebrated Christmas on the Queen’s Norfolk estate – far more than in recent years.

While the royal family showed us that as families we must give thanks to God, by honouring Him, indeed we must always put God first. on the other side of the country, individuals and community champions such as those from a fish and chip shop,Market Fish Bar which is located along Salop Street next to the market in Wolverhampton, showed us how the community can rally together to help the less privileged in society.

Market Fish Bar

Market Fish Bar opened its doors on Christmas Eve to feed the homeless, and they will be feeding even more people today on Christmas day such is the spirit of Christmas.

According to Onward Christian Radio some Christian preachers have been talking against Christmas calling it a pagan custom, but in as much as they ‘speak ill’ of Christmas a lot of charity work and Christ-like-acts, are done by during this holiday season not only by churches and charity organisations but by individuals as well.

Christmas remains one of the most popular holidays in the world and it is perhaps the one holiday that inspires a lot more charity work and arouses the spirit of giving such as not found or matched by any other holiday.

So wherever you are in the world whatever religion or faith you belong to. On behalf of the team at Onward Christian Radio, may I take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas, remember it is all about Jesus Christ, never mind the arguments that it originated from the pagans, we have claimed it back to Jesus Christ, after all he is the creator of all things and everything originated from his father who is God.OCR