Pulling Crowds to Jesus The Rise of Prophet Edd Branson

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By Lovejoy Kupe

THE last day of 2015 is always a hive of spiritual activity as Christians from different denominations normally have differently themed cross-over nights. The bumper crowed at the Rajiv Ghandi Hall at the Show grounds in Harare, Zimbabwe  had gathered to cross-over into 2016 with man of the moment Prophet Edd.
The leader of Jesus Generation International Ministries, Prophet Edd Branson is pulling huge crowds to Jesus Christ and bringing hope to many.  Seen as a rising star in the gospel ministry, Edd Branson is a gifted young prophet who is equipped with the grace for accurate prophecy and the anointing to heal and deliver the sick and afflicted.

It was no ordinary night for the thousands who attended what was dubbed ‘The Night of El’ meaning the night of God which was in Harare. Many had travelled from as far afield as Australia, America, United Kingdom and even Israel to be at this extraordinary cross-over –night.

There is a great hunger for the prophetic in Zimbabwe, one only had to be at the Rajiv Ghandi Hall to confirm this. As soon as the doors to the hall were opened it took no time for the place to be filled up to overflow.

prophet edd branson 4

It was a night full of celebration and music congregates were blessed with music from various local gospel artistes such as Wellington kwenda, Tembalami and many more.

The man of the moment Prophet Edd made a grand entrance just before midnight to rapturous cheers that almost brought the roof off the rafters. The packed hall vibrated with euphoric joy as   man of God walked into the building.

Just after the count down to the New Year candles were lit representing the life of each person who was present.

prophet Edd branson 3

Recent media reports have paid particular attention to Prophet Edd tipping him as one to watch and one online publication said, commentators in the prophetic arena are tipping the young Prophet Edd as a rising star in the prophetic who can draw from Tb Joshua who is known for deliverance prophecy and healing and if Prophet Edd can also draw the sharpness and pinpoint prophetic accuracy of Prophet Uebert Angel he will be a greatly blessed prophet who can shake the devils kingdom.

Watch the video clip below