Christmas joy as Magaya’s Anointing-Oil cures Harare man from erectile dysfunction

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Writing on the page , Prophet Magaya said ,”Lucy Mugadza married 14 years ago and had no love or affection for her husband.

They were in constant and unnecessary fights and would even freak out whenever her husband tried to be intimate with her. The husband then left his matrimonial home for a prostitute and they both had the audacity to call Lucy to vacate their house.

The threats fell on deaf ears. Her family encouraged her to continue living there. His mother who is a PHD Ministries member advised Lucy not confront him.

The problem had been so severe to the point each one of them would cook their own food and it got even worse to the point that Lucy did not even allow him to touch or use the pots she called her own. Whilst living with the prostitute he was introduced to sex pills which he started using and enjoyed until he started experiencing erectile dysfunction. He could not function without taking these pills. He used to purchase these tablets from the black market but when they proved to be a problem he then visited a doctor who prescribed similar drugs to him. He continued to take them.

Lucy was blessed with the free gift of the anointing oil which she administered on her bed on a daily basis. In two weeks her husband sent her a message apologizing and asking her to take him back and they reconciled. She told her husband they had to visit PHD Ministries 1st before they could be intimate.

They came and were both delivered and were blessed with the anointing oil which her husband administered whilst at work and his erectile problem cleared and has never experienced any erectile dysfunction since. We give all glory to God. Lucy’s home is now a very happy home. They are now madly in love again.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kuna Jesu!!”