WATCH VIDEO: Gangster elephant gives annoying tourists in Zimbabwe a shake down

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An elephant in the Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe offered plenty of warning to some noisy tourists about his annoyance with them – before he decided to throw his toys out the cot and give them a safari experience like no other.

I mean, who doesn’t want that close shot with an African elephant?

The travellers were riding in a vehicle with their ranger when suddenly, they got close to the animal.

The ranger decided this was the perfect moment to film.

In his clear disapproval, the elephant ‘mock-charged’ the vehicle – to which the tourists had the nerve to respond with more noise and giggles.

Not the reaction he expected.

By this time, he was not in the mood for games and came over a second time to show them what he was made of – ramming into their open vehicle and giving them something to really laugh about…

The ranger, however, was the only one not screaming…

He had the responsibility of keeping everyone safe, so he ran after the elephant with his rifle, threatening to shoot it.

The tourists however pleaded with him not to. Finally, giving Mr Elephant the respect he deserved.

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