Nyatsime scores 100pc pass rate

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Nyatsime College has achieved a 100 percent “A” Level pass rate for the November 2015 examination session. Thirty eight of its pupils managed at least 10 plus points, the school said in a statement.

The principal, Maone Veremu, said that the school’s 2015 results were “phenomenal”.

“For students to achieve such commendable results is no easy task. I firmly believe that this proves that all students have the potential to succeed if they have access to quality education in a ‘learning-enriched school’”.

“The key is effective leadership, committed teachers who believe in their students and most of all… a school that has a shared commitment to high expectations for its learners. To this end, the board of governors, teachers and parents need to be thanked.”
“If a normal school teacher works at 200 percent, our teachers work at 700 percent.

“They are extremely committed people who do their best to ensure the mainstream syllabus is carefully taught to our pupils,” he told the Weekend Post.

Chairperson of the school’s board of governors Harrison Mbewe was at a loss for words and said “We are very proud of our students and the 100 percent first-time pass rate is a testament to their hard work.

“If you look at past statistics, you will notice that the school has gone through transformation in the past 10 years and there has been a phenomenal growth in terms of the pass rate and the learning environment. We need to continue this trend.”

Seke District Education Officer Botty Chimhanda said the school has made the district extremely proud after achieving a 100 percent “A” Level pass rate for the 2015 schooling year.
“ I am impressed with the achievement. It is only possible through hard work, diligence and collaborative effort by all parties involved and most importantly, the teaching staff.”

When asked whether they expected to maintain the incredible pass rate in 2016 and beyond, Veremu said: “Most certainly. We cannot go back now. We need to  increase the number of As.”
Nyatsime College scooped the 2014 Secretary’s Bell Merit Award for Harare Province in recognition and acknowledgment of the good work the school is doing.

The “A” Level pass rate stood at 95 percent  in 2012, 77 percent in 2013 and 91 percent in 2014.

The college was founded by the late educationist Stanlake Samkange in 1962 as one of the first private schools to be established and administered by black people in Zimbabwe.—Jawet Chiguvare