UN pledges US$15bn to Zimbabwe

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The United Nations plans to mobilise roughly US$15 billion to help Zimbabwe implement Sustainable Development Goals over the next 15 years.
Government has stated its commitment to SDGs, prioritising health, education and food security.
The UN has over the years mobilised humanitarian and development assistance for Zimbabwe on account of Western economic sanctions on the country.
Last week, UN Resident Co-ordinator Mr Bishow Palajuli said development partners had injected about US$1 billion annually over the past 15 years for implementation of Millennium Development Goals, the SDG’s predecessor international development initiative.
Around 50 percent of this funding came through the UN.
Mr Palajuli said the UN wanted to similarly mobilise US$1 billion annually for Zimbabwe’s SDG implementation.
He said, “As Zimbabwe implemented the MDGs, development partners injected approximately US$1 billion a year in official development assistance, of which close to 50 percent was channelled through the United Nations system to augment national resources.
“In fulfilling our shared responsibility to implement the SDGs, I can’t over-emphasise the need to maintain, if not increase, the provision of official development assistance to support developing countries such as Zimbabwe to complement their domestic resources.”
He said Zimbabwe had previously done relatively well on international goals.
“With the strong commitment of the Government and support of the United Nations and development partners, Zimbabwe is well poised to implement the SDGs.
“In this regard, the country has had a series of consultations at both national and local levels on adaptation and implementation of the SDGs. The goals are ambitious, but achievable if we put our resources including time geared for action.”
Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Government spokesperson Dr Christopher Mushowe restated Government’s commitment to the SDGs and thanked the UN and other partners for their support.
“Government is doing everything in its powers to ensure it achieves the Sustainable Development Goals. Health, education, food security and nutrition are the major areas of concern.
“On health, we have made sure every district has a hospital and clinics that are properly equipped and have qualified nurses.
“As from late 2015 to date, we have been installing state-of-the-art equipment in referral hospitals. This is to ensure that our people get all the services locally at an affordable price, too.” Dr Mushohwe said more clinics would be built; adding that Zimbabwe’s education system, he said, remains one of the best globally.
“A new curriculum has been reviewed. It takes into account psychomotor skills and this vindicates the President for setting up a Psychomotor Ministry. This curriculum will take Zimbabwe to a higher level and will also create a wholesome person who will be able to work and also create jobs for others.
“Government is also working hard to eradicate poverty. At the moment, the region is experiencing climate change challenges, and drought is threatening the population in the region. “However, no one is going to die of hunger in Zimbabwe as we are making all efforts to import maize.”