Watch Video:Author Gerry van Tonder and Ex- farmer Gordon Stephen joins Nottingham protest against British farm looter

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12647358_10208155988687825_8489404446276109829_n UK: Author of the book on Lt-Gen Keith Coster Gerry van Tonder , last Friday gave a moral booster to fellow Zimbabwean activists who gathered to protest against a British GP Dr Nyatsuro.

Writing on his facebook page , Gerry said, “Solidarity today in Nottingham with my Black Zimbabwean brothers and sisters who are spearheading in the UK a lobby to have a white Zimbabwean farmer’s farm returned to him, and for Dr Nyatsuro, who has illegally seized the Rankin’s farm, to be expelled from the UK. A petition will soon be going to PM David Cameron, and the House of Commons is being challenged to debate the issue. It is not about racism, as this protest initiative is by Black Zimbabweans who want fellow White Zimbabweans to be treated as equals. May God bless each and every one of you.”-Gerry van Tonder.

12656430_10201111778114331_1821236214_o “Me and Gerry van Tonder protesting !!! another farm stolen by British immigrants outside their little clinic !! This is where my farm money went ???-Gordon Stephen -CITIZEN REPORT