Miracle Money:Uebert Angel Astonishes Hyderabad

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Indeed Uebert Angel pioneered the concept of Miracle money and demonstrated it to the world.

Views and opinions can differ all day but facts and results command more respect. When it comes to delivering results you cannot argue with miracles that produce tangible evidence such as miracle money.Hyderabad-Prophet-Uebert-Angel

The controversial, multimillionaire, erudite Prophet Uebert Angel, took his miracle filled Good News revolution to Hyderabad where hundreds of congregates received miracle money and queued up to testify.

Indeed, Uebert Angel pioneered the concept of Miracle money and demonstrated it to the world. The people of Hyderabad could not believe the miracles that were manifesting right in front of them but as they say seeing is believing there were plenty to testify and many handled the crisp new bank notes which miraculously appeared in their wallets and purses.

According to Onward Christian Radio, men and women alike were shaking their heads and clapping their hands in total disbelief. Hundreds of people queued up some even went on the stage to share and show their testimonies of money miraculously appearing.

Angel was not yet done, he was not restricted to just that one miracle. He pulled other miracle that confounded imagination as many were healed of a number of ailments. He prophesied of things in the lives of particular congregates with such accuracy as only befitting the definition of forensic, pin-point prophecy, as he dealt with deep and personal issues in the lives of those to whom he was prophesying to.

So popular was his first day of conference at Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ministries church such that they had to have two venues in two separate locations to cope with the huge crowds that had come to witness and receive their own miracle.

Uebert Angel, who together with his wife Beverly Angel are in India championing the Good News revolution and actively taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world.

Prophet Uebert Angel has been described by some as a prosperity preacher and he certainly is not a proponent of poverty. He initiated miracle money and this miracle was first performed in Botswana. Uebert Angel, has since repeated this miracle several times in different locations around the world. Angel declared that God wanted to prove that everything was possible “in the name of Jesus.”

In December 2012, Uebert Angel introduced this phenomenon of miracle money in Botswana were he left parishioners dumbfounded when he raised more than P2,4 million during a “miracle money” crusade.

In a broadcast carried on his television — Miracle TV — the flamboyant Prophet performed miracle acts which rewarded part of the bumper congregates with “miracle money” ranging from loans, airtime and cash multiplication.

The miracle money crusade was attended by people drawn from South Africa, Angola, Namibia and Zambia.

“Father confound them, every sceptic, add money into their pockets, in phones, in accounts as a sign and a wonder that you have sent me.

“To prove that you have sent me…if I be a Prophet of God, let money appear to prove you have sent me…in the name of Jesus,” prayed Angel.

Prophet Angel told the congregates that God would work more miracles on them despite the sick having been healed.

“I know, the sick have been healed and God has spoken through miracles, and yet still God wants to deal with you in a new fashion today. I declare miracle money into your pockets, hand bags and bank accounts. Right now check your balances,” he said.

And from that simple prayer from a Major Prophet on that day in a stadium in Botswana the miracle money phenomenon was kick started and today Hyderabad India is partaking of the miracle.-OCR