• I believe the problem stems from a lack of accountability from leaders, who inherited a very sound financial economically, prosperous system, but were never prepared to work at the coal face to continue the hard work done by their predecessors. ZANU PF has always adopted an attitude of privilege, but has never been willing to earn that privilege. For the future government of Zimbabwe to succeed, it will require hard work and dedication – not entitlement mentality. None of these so-called war veterans actually fought against the Rhodesia army, nor did they suffer under any racially biased system. They inherited a vibrant education system, which has been the envy of every other African state; but they have abused their rights and with that, have dragged the once-self-sufficient economy of Zimbabwe, into a downward spiral. Mugabe is nothing short of a dictator, and ZANUPF are a Kleptocracy of gargantuan proportions. For the system to be revived – ALL ZANUPF must be removed from any power and the positions of government must be handed to hard-working, educated and sincere Zimbabweans, willing to work to see the country recover.

    • Shumamhini

      very true, typical of africa