Uebert Angel Jets into South Africa for Bushiri’s birthday

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By Lazarus Amos

Over 25 thousand people gathered for Friday service at ECG church where Prophet Uebert Angel was ministering.

Fresh from his visit to Hyderabad in India where he left the ‘city of pearls’ dazzled and confounded with miracle money, Prophet Uebert Angel is in South Africa for his son Prophet Bushiri’s birthday.

The Prophet delivered a powerful sermon on spiritual dimensions which was broadcast live on the Prophetic Channel.  The anticipating crowd went into wild with jubilation when the two prophets came into the building.  With two major prophets not only in the same geographic space but in the same building, the atmosphere was palpable, it was pregnant with miracle and there were plenty that received miracles and went back home delivered.

angel arrives3Ever the erudite, and master teacher Prophet Uebert Angel elucidated his sermon on spiritual dimension in a very practical and effective teaching style, illustrating his teaching in such a way as to make even the least intelligent to grasp the fundamental aspects of the profundities of his message.

The prophetic was precise with detail so sharp as prophet Uebert Angel did that which he was born to do, “senior major prophet Emeritus, The retired professor of prophecy were common chants shouted out by the excited crowd, Go deeper, Go deeper, they would say almost in unison as he prophesied and did what he termed spiritual gymnastics as he revealed deep secrets an delved into personal family issues that shocked even the ones being prophesied to.

angel arrives1One young lady was in the right location at the right moment. Prophet Uebert Angel prophetically told her that he could see her in the movie industry, and it so happened that about two weeks before this encounter with prophet Angel, the same lady had received a prophecy from Prophet Bushiri, which was again to do with the movie industry. Prophet Bushiri had said to her that she would get a call from Hollywood about a movie role.

Prophet Uebert Angel, then said “sometimes you just have to connect people, I have connections in Hollywood, I will call a movie director right now”.  He asked for his personal mobile phone and called Miguel Nunez and the young lady got connected just like that.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio after the church service the young lady (Bobina Whitehead) could not hide her joy and surprise at such grace. “It’s amazing I just can’t believe this grace, such good news, glory to God”.-OnwardChristianRadio