Video:Lion chows down on a crocodile in Zimbabwe

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Staff at a luxury lodge in Zimbabwe first noticed last year that crocodiles are being munched by lions. They first thought it was opportunistic, but it seems some of the big cats might have an appetite for reptile.

Image Credits: YouTube
Bumi Hills Safari Lodge has shared extraordinary footage of a lion munching on a crocodile at the edge of the lake, one of Zimbabwe’s most popular tourist destinations.

Apparently two young lions from the same pride are quite fond on croc cuisine, according to the resort.

News24 reports that in the space of two weeks, the lion bros have “dispatched” three large crocodiles measuring up to four metres.

Catherine Norton, deputy general manager at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge told News24 that staff there first realised that the lions were killing crocodiles last year.

“We first noticed this behaviour last year when we found two small crocodile carcasses which had clearly been killed and eaten by lions,” she said.

“We thought it was an opportunistic kill and was unlikely to be repeated,” she added.

Turns out, the lions have developed a bit of an appetite for crocodiles. An actual kill has not been witnessed yet, though. Somebody get Mr. Attenborough on the case, STAT.

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