Zimbabwe teacher initiates pupils into satanism

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PARENTS with children attending a school in Gutu have demanded the expulsion of a local teacher, accusing him of initiating their children into satanism. They stormed Makonde Primary School on Tuesday after a teacher (name supplied) allegedly took the children through a “prayer and deliverance” session that however sent them into hysteria.

Parents told the Chronicle that pupils collapsed, fell ill or started babbling inanely after the “prayer and deliverance session.” Five parents yesterday said their children were still ill and refusing to eat.

“Some of us have stopped our children from attending school after this incident. We’re afraid that our children are initiated into satanism through these strange prayer sessions. We strongly believe this is satanism at work because my child, a 10-year-old girl was hysterical and is ill. Her friends went into a trance as a result of the teacher’s shenanigans,” said a parent

The parents said the teacher should be expelled as he was disturbing their children’s education.

“We’re opposed to such practices. This teacher should be expelled from this school as he should concentrate only on teaching our children rather than initiating them into religions that we don’t know,” said another parent.satanism

Councillor Johnson Nhema from the area said he received complaints from the parents and took the matter to Gutu District Education Officer, Sonnie Chirikure.

“The children’s parents are bitter following this incident as there’s fear that they’re exposed to satanism. Five of the affected children have collapsed and are sick as we speak with others said to be hallucinating since the day they participated in this prayer session. I’ve apprised Chirikure,” said Clr Nhema.

Chirikure confirmed receiving the report and said he has since warned the teacher.

“Yes I can confirm receiving a report on the allegations and have since reprimanded the teacher. No teacher is allowed to involve school pupils in activities beyond his or her job description,” said Chirikure.

“I’ve warned him and he assured me that he would stop. However, we can’t say it was satanism or not.”

Chirikure said it is beyond the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s scope to deal with satanism allegations as the ministry’s code of conduct does not provide room for the issue.

“We find it difficult to deal with such cases because it breaches our code of conduct as civil servants. We’ve however, recommended the issue to be tackled by the traditional leadership,” he said