Prophecy on US dollar

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APART from his 1957 prophecy that Zimbabwe would be led by a President with the name of an angel — Gabriel, leader of Johanne Masowe Vadzidzi Vajesu, Madzibaba Wimbo also predicted the adoption of the US$ by the country, his family has claimed.usdollar

Speaking to the Weekend Post last week, Abinashen Gomo, one of Wimbo’s 21 children said his father made the prophecy as far back as 1992.

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Gomo acclaimed Wimbo made the prophecy after one of his relatives, David Muvhuti, had brought with him some US$ from the then Zaire (now DRC) where he was working.

“We were all surprised to see a US$100 note because it was the first time we had seen the currency so we gathered to have a glimpse of it but when he (Wimbo) saw it, while he was seated on his shrine, he immediately called us and told us that the money would be used for gambling in the country,” Gomo said.

“We really did not understand it because we could not tell why he was saying that. We did not realise it was a prophecy for he never announced that he was prophesying even when he did.

“It was only when people began to ‘burn’ money around 2008 and the subsequent official introduction of the US$ by government that we, as a family began to look back  and remembered that Mudzidzi Majinesta (Wimbo’s spiritual name) once predicted it.”

Born on December 25, 1922 according to his official documents Wimbo began to “receive Godly visions and seeing angels” when he was seven years old, his family claims.

“By then he was not going to church because he was only baptised by the then leader of Johanne Masowe in 1935 and started prophesying in 1945.

“I was not yet born at the time but we are told that he then predicted that someone with the name of an angel would be the country’s leader after independence.

“We have no reason to doubt that the man really speaks to God because as we grew up in the 1980s we used to see people with various illnesses including the mentally sick flocking to him to seek treatment,” Gomo further claimed.

He, lamented, however that his family now felt the gift of prophecy given to Wimbo was more of a curse than a blessing as politicians from the ruling Zanu PF had allegedly “abducted” his father to force a succession prophecy out of him.

“They think that because he predicted that Mugabe would become president, it then follows that he can predict who will succeed him but times have changed. The man is now too old to do all that and it will be expecting too much form him because now he rarely prays as he used to do”

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