Magaya Says Innocent Of Raping Midlands State University Student

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CHARISMATIC and popular leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) church, Walter Magaya, who is accused of raping a university student, has denied the allegations saying his enemies had so far “convinced all top offices” in their bid to nail him.

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Magaya said this during a church service where he paraded selected female followers who wept and ‘confessed’ to being used to frame their leader.

“The plan is to convince all the top offices, which they have done today; they went and convinced all top offices and labelled me a rapist,” said Magaya on Saturday soon after he was released on $2000 bail by a Harare magistrate.

Magaya, who was arrested last Friday night, is being accused of raping a 25 year old Midlands State University student in June last year.

Although Magaya did not name the “top officials” whom he said had been convinced that he should be prosecuted, a report by the African News Agency quoted a source saying the cleric’s arrest was “..was a directive from HE [his excellency President Robert Mugabe]”.

During the Saturday ‘confessions sermon’, Magaya said his enemies were using some of his followers to falsely accuse him of rape.

Following a confession by a girl called Precious, Magaya said he knew when and how the plot to destroy him through rape allegations was hatched at some hotel. Magaya named one Overseer Timmy as the leader of the plot saying he knew the room number of the hotel he (Timmy) slept in with the girls whom he offered $3000 each to nail the man of cloth.

Precious told the cleric in-front of the congregation that she refused to be part of the shenanigans.

She said: “I never said makarara neni (you made love to me) it was Diana who said she made love to you and that she has proof. Diana said during the meeting that she can’t provide proof unless she has been given the cash.”

But Magaya chipped in to say Diana was his mole who was recording the “planning” meetings. Diana was also in church on Saturday standing close by.

“But prophet, I refused to be part of that even when Diana was pushing me hard to agree that you made love to me,” a tearful Precious defended herself.

“It was him (Overseer Timmy) who said let’s make money adding that he would be recording everything that I was going to say accusing you (Magaya) of rape,” she said. Precious added that it was her plan to approach one of the church elders, Amai Chivero, on Sunday and expose those behind the plot to frame Magaya.

Magaya named both Nyasha and Tendai as some of the girls who were approached last Friday to be part of the scheme. He said although he didn’t know them facially, he could see both of them spiritually.

Magaya is expected back in court on the 15th of September to answer to rape charges. He was ordered to report to the police three times a week, surrender his passport and reside at his given address as part of his bail conditions.

He is being represented by lawyers Everson Chatambudza and Oliver Marwa of Rubaya and Chatambudza legal practitioners.

According to prosecutor, Gwinyai Shumba, the rape occurred in June last year when Magaya invited his alleged victim to his Mt Pleasant property.

Court heard that on arrival, Magaya showed the student around the house before leaving her in one of the rooms.

State alleges that the cleric later returned to the room naked and forced himself on the student, raping her once without using protection.

After the attack, Magaya is reported to have given the student $200.-NewZim

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