Magaya rape victim paid US$100 000 to drop case

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PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Walter Magaya reportedly paid the Midlands State University student he allegedly raped US$100 000 for her to drop charges against him, Zimbo has revealed.magaya

In September this year, it revealed that the embattled “prophet” had unleashed emissaries to lure the 25-year old woman into dropping the charges against him Sources close to the deal this week revealed that said a number of high-ranking members from Magaya’s church had been able to sweet-talk the victim into withdrawing the charges.


The sources said Magaya had paid the victim $100 000, tiny fraction of the US$5 million he was offering with the talks started. See: magaya-offers- rape-victim- us-5- million.html “The last batch of the money was paid at the weekend… the money has been paid in installments since September after the emissaries managed to convince her relatives to consider that option because even if Magaya had been jailed, there was no way should could get even such an amount at once in her whole life,” the source said.


The woman was alleged raped last year but only reported the matter to the police in August this year under pressure from her fiancé. Magaya is facing more than 100 other rape and murder charges.

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