Fake Bond Notes, US Dollars flood Zimbabwe market

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Fake currencies including the United States dollars and bond notes are flooding the streets of Mutare, with the peddlers targeting unsuspecting taxi drivers, barmen shop attendants and Eco-cash agents.

 This has prompted police to warn residents and business people to be vigilant especially when dealing with people with $5 bond notes and United States of America dollars.
Last week, police arrested two men who were found in possession of counterfeit US$20 and $5 bond notes. Rockford Matare (31) and Fungai Musonerwa (25) appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Innocent Bepura for “possessing articles for criminal use”.

Mr Fletcher Karombe prosecuted.The court heard that the duo allegedly hired a taxi from Mpudzi Village in Mutare District on May 15 to town.

 “In their intention to deceive the owner, they gave him fake notes knowingly that it was not allowed. They both demanded for change while they knew they had given him fake money,” he said.

They were remanded in custody to June 2 for trial. They pleaded not guilty.

In an unrelated case, a city cab driver, Lovebond Mutora, was last week given a counterfeit $5 by an unknown person who had hired him from Yeovil to Darlington.

“I picked the passenger in Yeovil in the evening and he gave me the fake $5 bond note. He asked for $2 change and I gave him. I dropped him in Darlington and returned to town. I later realised that the bond note was fake,” he said.

Another fake $5 bond note was recently used to pay for meat at Villa Meats in Dangamvura.

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