Zimbabwean man who claimed to be God’s messenger sent to deliver his people is sent for mental examination

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A Bulawayo man has been sent for mental examination after he caused a stir at the Victoria Falls Magistrates’ court where he claimed to be God’s messenger sent to deliver his people.

Ndumiso Ncube (33) who resides at 84320 Burombo Flats, had been dragged to court for violating a section of the Immigration Act after he illegally crossed into Botswana more than a week ago.

He pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to present himself to an immigration officer, and claimed some people were after his life.

Drama started when the magistrate Ms Rangarirai Gakanje asked Ncube why he had committed the office.

Ncube claimed he is “The Chosen One” and travelled to Botswana illegally because some unnamed people were baying for his blood.

“I decided to go to Botswana because people want to kill me,” said Ncube without telling the court who the people are.

He claimed he was once a beggar because God anointed him to “save his people.”

“I went straight through the border but no-one saw me crossing because God was protecting me. Even the security officers didn’t see me because I am the chosen one,” he said drawing laughter from the gallery.

Asked whether it was God who sent him to illegally leave the country, Ncube said he prayed hard and God revealed to him that he should go to Botswana so his enemies would not get to him.

The magistrate ordered that Ncube be examined by two psychiatrists to ascertain his state of mind because of his weird behaviour.

He was remanded in custody to Thursday when the psychiatrist report is expected to be ready.

Prosecuting, Mr Takunda Ndovorwi said Ncube was deported last week from Botswana where he had been staying illegally.

“The accused left Zimbabwe on June 30 and crossed through Kazungula Border post at 6PM.

“The accused didn’t present himself to immigration officials,” said the prosecutor.

He said Ncube was arrested by Botswana police on Sunday last week and was deported, prompting his arrest when it was discovered that he had no travel documents.-Chronicle