Sex worker cries foul after man pays $2 for all night session

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There were episodes of free drama at Shurugwi court where a thigh vendor told the Magistrate that, she was assaulted for denying sexual service to a man who once rode her for the whole night, only to pay a measly $2 the following morning.

Sibongile Mukwana (40) of house number 12 TMB high density suburb appeared before Shurugwi resident Magistrate Mr Sangster Tavengwa as a complainant to an assault case against Clever Chikandiwa (29).

Standing in for the state, Nyengeterai Nechirava told the court that, on the 10th day of July 2017 at around 00:30 hrs, Clever Chikandiwa approached Sibongile Mukwana at her home claiming that he had forgot something in her house, Chikandiwa started to ask for sexual service from the complainant but she refused leading to the accused dragging her outside by the corner of her dress before pressing her vehemently with a brick on the head.

Shakespearian melodrama overwhelmed the court when Magistrate Tavengwa gave Mukwana and Chikwana time to chronicle their story; Mukwana told the court that Chikandiwa had slept with her for a whole night only to pay her a paltry $2.
“Your worship the truth of the matter is that I refused to give the accused the service he wanted because at some moment in time he rode me for the whole night and paid me $2, I threatened to report him to the police if he continues to abuse me without paying.
“The day he assaulted me, he came to me pestering for sex but he had no money , I refused to entertain him and he started harassing me before pressing a brick on my head,” Mukwana told the court.

In retort, Chikandiwa claimed that the Complainant had infected him with HIV and AIDS hence the assault.
“I assaulted her because she infected me with HIV and AIDS, the reason i say this is because i saw some bottles of ARV’s in her room, she is denying me because she has ruined my life”, retorted Chikandiwa.

Sentencing, Magistrate Tavengwa fined Chikandiwa $200 and failure to pay would mean the substitution of the fine with a 3 months prison sentence.-Online