Pastor Chris Requests Nude Pictures of Uebert Angel’s Wife Beverly ?

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The divorced leader of Christ Embassy Church Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is said to be after Uebert Angel’s wife Beverly Angel (Nee) Madzudzo.

As they say in the world Karma is a bitch she seems to have come back with a vengeance to bit Uebert Angel. Not a man who is without controversy Uebert Angel, has been himself accused of sleeping with a number of his pastors wives.

And requesting nude pictures from his female congregates and pastors. Uebert Angel was recently was reported in the media as having used a young lady pimp from South Africa to solicit and queue up a selection of church women for his sexual pleasures.

Pastor Chris hitting on Uebert’s wife has shocked a few people given that not so long ago Uebert Angel was splashing photos and videos of the moment he met Pastor Chris who has been his hero and idol.